Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To place an order

This blog is to help us be able to have our family grow. It is an adoption fund raiser. The cost of adopting a child can be rather high, so we are trying to come up with ways to help us get there. This was one of our ideas. All the pictures come as they are. Changing words or other sizes are additional charges. The temple creations copyright symbol will not be on the picture. They are all unframed. The single temple pictures are 8x10's and are $10.00. (reg. 17.00) That is for just the picture, or with the sayings on it as well. Click on the pictures to the right to see more options. The square collage pictures are 6x6 and are $5.00. That includes shipping anywhere in the US. Out of the US when you buy 3 or more the shipping is free also. These make great wedding gifts, Young Womens gifts, or use them in crafts like on Super Saturdays. Also having a picture of the Temple in every childs room is what the Prophet suggested. So there are lots of ideas of what to do with them. To place an order, email me at Tell me the number of the picture(s) you want and then the quantity. I will send you my address and you can mail a check, then in return I will get your address and mail the picture(s) off. All the money is going to an adoption fund to help us get a baby. Thank you in advance for your help. We are more grateful than you know.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Temple Pictures in Alphabetical Order

Bountiful 1

Bountiful 2

Bountiful 3

Bountiful 4

Bountiful 5

Draper 1

Draper 2

Hawaii 1

Hawaii 2

Hawaii 3

Hawaii 4

Hawaii 5

Hawaii 6

Idaho Falls 1

Jordan River 1

Las Vegas 1

Las Vegas 2

Logan 1

Logan 2

Logan 3

Logan 4

Logan 5

Logan 6

Mt. Timpanogos 1

Mt. Timpanogos 2

Mt. Timpanogos 3

New Port Beach 1

New Port Beach 2

Ogden 1

Ogden 2

Ogden 3

Provo 1

Provo 2

Provo 3

Provo 4

Provo 5

Provo 6

Rexburg 1

Rexburg 2

Salt Lake 1

Salt Lake 2

Salt Lake 3

Salt lake 4

Salt Lake 5

Salt Lake 6

Salt Lake 7

San Diego 1

San Diego 2

San Diego 3

San Diego 4

San Diego 5

South Carolina Columbia 1

South Carolina Columbia 2

South Carolina Columbia 3

Spokane 1

Spokane 2

St. George 1

St. George 2

St. George 3

St. George 4

St. George 5

Washington DC 1

Washington DC 2

Washington DC 3